Since 2015

our Mission

We Believe Wing Tsun is for Everyone

Mission Statement

At WingTsun Illinois, we believe that the mindset, critical thinking skills, and general fitness of training Leung Ting WingTsun Kung Fu is of a great benefit to the health of individuals and society. As such we wish to create an avenue for expanding the reach of WingTsun Illinois with the following goals:


  1. Provide high quality Self Defense training in a positive learning environment by means of good community, fun, and in-depth knowledge of WingTsun Kung Fu
  2. To grow the art of Leung Ting WingTsun Kung Fu, making it accessible to a larger population throughout the Chicagoland Area and eventually the rest of Illinois and the United States.
  3. To provide an avenue for WingTsun Illinois instructors to live quality lives and dedicate themselves to creating their own branches, schools, and to provide seminars.
  4. To create a corporate structure that is transferable to other schools throughout the United States.

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