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Self Defense and Fitness classes for all ages

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In Person Kids Classes ages 4-12.

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The go to Place for those seeking physical and mental wellness on the North Shore


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Wing Tsun

Learn the science of fighting with classes that teach the in depth self defense art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

Achieve the ultimate mind-body connection and improve your awareness with Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Self Defense Workshops

From Women’s Self Defense to Corporate Team Building, our instructors offer a variety of workshops tailored to your organization. 

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From traditional martial arts to corporate self defense, we have a multitude of classes and workshops available.



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Proud Members of the IWTA

Wing Tsun Illinois is a member of the International WingTsun Association and we strive to bring the highest quality training to the Chicagoland area.


I don’t say this lightly: joining Wing Tsun Illinois is one of the best decisions I have made for my personal growth. I leave each class feeling accomplished and invigorated. Even on days when I am tired and feel out of step – I always feel supported. I cannot recommend Wing Tsun Illinois highly enough.

Tina Garcia, Ph.D.

Higher Education Professional

The training at Wing Tsun Illinois has reprogrammed both my body and mind, allowing me to develop new skills and become goal oriented, while also developing an acute awareness upon contact through training. I highly recommend this art to anyone seeking to improve their life, for both health and for the development of an efficient method of self defense. 

Greg Sondgeroth

Since I began, my weight has increased by 10 Lbs and my metabolic levels have improved. I have an increase in energy and strength and recently Sifu explained the concept of Nim Tao to me. This has had a profound impact on me physically and mentally. I have researched this and found only a few who understand it and even fewer who can teach it… This experience with Sifu Guerman at his studio has had a great impact on me and my daily life.

Nick Caro, M.D.

Retired Ophthalmologist trained at Cook County Hospital.

This school’s emphasis on body posture, structure and sensitivity had me realize some mistakes I had been making, and took my training to a new level. At Wing Tsun Illinois, while getting technical challenges and a good workout, we also receive great mental training. It is a journey of endless learning and improvements that you just have to come experience for yourself.

Jeanna Deninger

Operations Executive, Financial Technology, MS in Communications

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