LGGM Yip Man

Yip-ManYip Man was born in 1893. He was the headman of the WingTsun-style and not only with his own followers, but in the whole Kung-Fu-world – thus also outside his own style – a very respected grandmaster.

Yip Man felt less sympathy for all those vanities of this world. Fame and wealth had for him no particular meaning. Also he was missing completely that brutal and very degrading appearance, that came with by not just a few Kung-Fu people.

The one who was lucky to meet Yip Man in person felt himself in his company immediately relaxed and completely arrived at home. His kindness, open sincerity and generous hospitality could be easily seen in all his deeds. His gentle talks in Fatshan-dialect were reflecting very clearly a worry less and friendly nature. He could be named a real gentleman and wise philosopher.

His up most famous student was next to Leung Ting a certain Bruce Lee. In 2008 finally a high qualityand big budget movie production came out in Asia, as unique hommage to our on 2nd December 1972 deceased grandmaster, the title: “Ip Man”.

GGM Leung Ting

ggm-leungting-161Grandmaster Leung Ting, founder of the International WingTsun  Association, learnt Wing Chun kungfu since he was at 13 years old. In 1967, Leung began teaching WingTsun Kungfu as an amateur instructor. In 1968, he started a Wing Tsun training class in the Baptist College, the first kungfu class ever established in a university of Hong Kong. It was in the early 1968 that Great Grandmaster Yip Man had just “closed his door” (retired from teaching). However, he soon accepted Leung Ting as his “Closed-door” student and taught him the most advanced techniques personally in Leung Ting’s Second Si-Hing — Sifu Kwok Keung’s — house.
Soon Sifu Leung Ting found out what he newly learnt from the Great Grandmaster was quite different and much profound than what he had ever thought of. He started to appreciate the most advanced “getting rid of the force from the strong opponent and defeat him by making use of his own force”. He spelt it as “Wing Tsun” in English, which is quite different from the generic spelling in English by other Wing Chun schools or the others in the USA in the late 70s. However, the most important point is not because of the difference if spelling; it is the difference between the “superficial techniques that look quite alike” and the “profound fighting concepts behind the movements but the exteriority of this fighting system”!
In 1969 September, Sifu Leung Ting organized the first WingTsun Kungfu Contest in the Baptist College in Hong Kong. It was regarded as the first Chi-Sau contest ever held since Great Grandmaster Yip Man started teaching Wing Tsun officially in Hong Kong in 1949. In this contest, Great Grandmaster Yip Man was also theone of the VIPs ever been present in his own student’s open function like this.

Ileung-thing-wooden-dummyn May 1970, Sifu Leung Ting set up a well-equipped gymnasium, called the Leung Ting Gymnasium, and commenced to admit students publicly, and turned teaching martial arts into a career.
Professor Leung Ting is the Permanent President and the only Grandmaster of the International WingTsun Association. Academically, he was a graduate of the Hong Kong Baptist College and obtained his Bachelor Degree in Chinese & English Literature in 1973. On account of his success in the development of the WingTsun System and propagating it worldwide, he was conferred in 1979 the title of Doctor of Philosophy in the USA. Then in August 1997, he was appointed by the National Sport Academy of Bulgaria as the “Guest Professor of Combat Arts”.

Professor Leung is a WingTsun enthusiast and started learning the technique at the young age of 13. At the age of 20, he was accepted by Great Grandmaster Yip Man as his “Closed Door Student”. Leung Ting devoted his lifetime energy in developing WingTsun Kung Fu. At present, the International WingTsun Association he founded has been expanded into a worldwide martial-art organization with branches located in over 63 countries. The Association is regarded as the largest professional Kung Fu establishment amongst all the martial-arts organizations in the world.

The WingTsun King Fu system developed by Professor Leung is practiced worldwide by tens of thousands of martial-arts practitioners, many of which were already martial-arts instructors themselves before they took on WingTsun. These include instructors of the army and security Special Forces in a number of countries, such as the FBI and Marine Corps of the USA, SEK & GSG9 of Germany, GIP of Luxembourg, RAID of France, NOCS of Italy, Anti-Terrorist Squad of India, Special Police units of Belgium, Austria, Spain, to name just a few. A good number of these practitioners are experts from other martial-art schools. Some of them are instructors holding high Dan (grading), while others have won titles as National Champions, runner-ups, and even World Champions in various international martial-arts tournaments.
Professor Leung was also a famous kung fu film technical director. Since 1976, he had designed and directed over 24 TV kungfu series and six movies. Because of his rich knowledge in martial arts and Chinese culture, Professor Leung’s expertise was very much sought after by producers in the TV industry, and has rendered his consultancy to a number of TV production companies, both local and international, producing various programs and documentaries on topics relating to kung fu, Chi Kung, and some of the Chinese paranormal performances such as street magic and swindlers tricks. Professor Leung is also the first Chinese being invited to direct kungfu movies in India. During 1998 and 1999, he visited India twice to teach the special police at the National Police Academy of India, and when he was in the country, he was invited to direct a kung fu movie titled “Master” in Bombay and cities of South India. At the present moment Professor Leung is planning to produce a 30- episode kung fu series titled “The King of Wing Tsun”, which is a dramatic kung fu story on Dr Leung Jan, the King of WingTsun kung fu in the Qing Dynasty.

In 1978 Professor Leung released his first book on the WingTsun Kung fu system. The first print of the book was sold out within four months with thousand of letters coming all over the world enquiring about the reprint. The overwhelming reaction has prompted Professor Leung to make up his mind to devote more time to writing more kung fu books, not only on WingTsun, both also on other styles of Chinese kung fu. Up to now, Professor Leung has turned out more than 50 works, including books and videotapes, on WingTsun and other Kung Fu systems. Most of his works are published in both the English and Chinese versions, with a few of the works on WingTsun also translated into German, Italian Spanish, Hungarian, and Slavonic.