What is Wing Tsun

Regardless of your size, strength, gender or athleticism, WingTsun™ is a self-defense system that will work for you. In our classes, you will strengthen your body and mind while you learn a highly effective method of personal defense.WingTsun™ is unique – a modern system based on physics, human anatomy and biomechanics.


History of Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun Kung-Fu was founded by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui more than 250 years ago in China.


Wing Tsun Masters

LGGM Yip Man was born in 1893. He was the headman of the WingTsun-style and not only with his own followers, but in the whole Kung-Fu-world – thus also outside his own style – a very respected grandmaster.


Seminars in USA

We organize seminars and work-shops which give you the chance to receive levels, certificates and great knowledge from the highest quality instructors  as wheel as the opportunity to meet and practice with students from other WingTsun™ schools.

Train now!

Train hard! Win easy!

Train now!
Training Wing Tsun helps to manage stress, ability to focus and promotes physical well-being in every-day life.
Our instructors are against any form of violence. Wing Tsun is pure self-defence.
Instructors pass on their knowledge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Self-defence skills are learned by concentrated effort and regular training.