The leading goal of our training in WingTsun and BlitzFight is to get as realistic as possible to real self-defense or sparring, but not to the extent that could lead to injury.

We apply a training method that improves the skills, qualities and overall health of those training with us.

Don’t compare yourself to professional or non-professional competitors. At first glance what you see is their great skills and spectacular fights. “Behind-the-scenes” there are often serious physical and psychological traumas, career-ending injuries and sometimes fatalities.

If the goal does not justify the means, it makes no sense to undergo workouts that could ruin your body.

The things you will get from our trainings may not bring you cash, cups or medals. Our training partners are often friends and colleagues rather than sports rivals.  Your training reward is your health! Value it so you can practice for the rest of your life.

Anyone who does not follow the rules of the school or the instructions of the leading instructor puts the other trainees at risk of injury.  In such situations, a warning will follow and, if necessary, an attendance ban.

Lady Sifu Ana Genkova