Sun, sea, gorgeous beaches and beautiful Sozopol, a pearl-town on the South Black sea coast alluring with its mix of the past and present, what could be the better place to held annual Wing Tsun Summer camp organized by EWTO-Bulgaria and conducted by Sifu Stanislav Bagalev; 5 Level Wing tsun and head instructor for Bulgaria. And as a tradition Sifu Guerman Atanassov, 4 TL together with his students Sifu Eric Galicia, 2TL Sifu Ana Genkova, 2TL from Wing Tsun California and Evgeny Kolev 12SG from Wheeling Illinois school also took a part of this unforgettable event.

The seminar run for five days, three to four hours a day, with an intensive training that included Basics, Classics Forms , “Inner” Wing Tsun, “Fit for Fight” and weapons (sticks and knifes) practice. The concept and main theme of the sessions was to define and find the elements, connect the centers and learn to maintain the connectedness during the movements – the different cycles, functions and applications, at different distances and with the right timing. This crucial and detailed approach to awareness of oneself and sensitivity to the partner was applied in different programs – Forms, Lat Sau, Chi Sau, “Fit or Fight”, weapons (staff and knife) and of course “Inner’ Wing Tsun.

After the training in the park everyone moved closer to the water at the secluded beach The Golden Fish to chill, enjoy the swimming in the sea, ply volleyball and also practice some more. We also used the opportunity to visit some other beautiful bays in the area for some diving and snorkeling around the cliffs and the rocks.

Of course the camp will not be complete without going together for dinner which was a bit challenges to find a restaurant that can fit everybody but that was not so hard to fit us all in the bars and night clubs by the beach. The fast beats, dim lights, the laser beams on the sand, the sweating cocktails, all under the starred sky and by the gentle waves, should be partially blamed for the Deep House Wing Tsun which was spontaneously bursting on the dance floor and by the lounge couches…just to be ready for next morning practicing.

It was another International reunion of our Wing Tsun family that was filled with warmth of the old and new friendships that keep us together as one…. We already are counting the days to next year Sozopol seminar!