At 51 some folks might question starting Wing Tsun, I think it’s perfect.  I sought many schools in the Chicagoland area to practice martial arts and am thrilled to have found the very best right in my own backyard.  What separates Wing Tsun and Sifu Guerman from everyone else? 3 simple things:
1.    Excellence.
2.   Convenience
3.    Price
Wing Tsun is an ancient art that is unmatched as an effective martial art. I’ve trained in various martial arts styles throughout my adult life and have always felt an attraction to Wing Tsun; it’s what Bruce Lee started with; it is a masterful style and it works! After visiting many schools I found the right school in Wheeling. Watching Sifu Guerman practice and teach was awe inspiring: his concentration, focus, dedication and masterful skills need to be witnessed. I hope you watch his videos or visit!

Living in Highwood, Wheeling is just a short distance away. Sifu also holds classes in Glenview and Skokie on other days which give me and other students plenty of opportunity for practice. AND, the pricing is below most in the marketplace. For me this speaks to Sifu’s dedication to teaching; a welcome change from some of the more common profit oriented practices I’ve witnessed.

I returned to martial arts seeking the best Wing Tsun Kung Fu training I could find and I found Sifu Guerman. An extra bonus for me personally: In every single other martial arts place I visited, they all include some form of unnecessary “calisthenics”; a bunch of exercises to build muscle and endurance BEFORE practicing exercises that build muscle and endurance. Go figure, seems redundant to me.

Wing Tsun practice already provides excellent physical benefits of exercise and meditation, simply through regular practice.

If you want a truly effective form of self-defense from one of the best teachers in the Chicagoland area then Wing Tsun with Sifu Guerman is the way to go.

Jim A., MA, CPCC, Behavioral Consultant, Personal Coach
I have trained Wing Tsun for about 5 years now with several instructors.

Sifu Guerman is very dedicated to his students and, important for me, makes women feel welcome and comfortable in the class.

He makes every effort to accommodate students, offering classes outside of the regular training hours and locations.

Ana G., Des Plaines. IL


I have been practicing WingTsun for almost a year now and I have to say that its one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Sifu Guerman is one of the best instructors I have met and has some of the best applications for a realistic fight. I also enjoy very much that we always practice with another person and never just a bag or dummy so that we can have the closest thing to a real fight.

If you want to defend yourself in a effective way then i would highly recommend you try the class out.

Andrew D., Lake Zurich, IL
Sifu Guerman is a great instructor of Wing Tsun. I have been in his class for over a year now. He knows how to instruct you based on your personality and habits, and not just based on some generic script. You are not just a number to him but an actual person learning Leung Ting Wing Tsun.

He is able to incorporate philosophy, technique, and application in an excellent way to mold your body and mind to act in accordance with Wing Tsun. You must also go in to his class with a mentality that it will take years for you to shape your body and mind to perform Wing Tsun correctly. Taking Sifu Guerman’s class has really given me more confidence outside of class as well. He has become my Slavic role-model.

I really highly recommend his Wing Tsun class.

Tom D., Des Plaines. IL
I’ve been doing wing tsun for about 4 years now. To me it seems like Wing Tsun is quite different from other types of kung fu. Gettting used to the movements took me some time, but  as i learned how to apply the movementss. Later it all became natural.

I had a situation where it was necessary for me to use my Wing Tsun skills, and was so surprised  that it REALLY WORKS!!
What I like most about Wing Tsun is that you don’t have to yell or make strange animal sounds …. just do it like Christina Wagner 
After taking some time off traveling for a while,  i came back to the class this January and  got to practice with Sifu Guerman. There have been great changes with the structure of the class and i really loved coming back!!!
There are always new drills and applications that we learn so it never gets boring!

V eni N., Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

I would like just to say a few words about my teacher and point out that the center is actually still active. The lead teacher for Chicago and the suburbs is Guerman Atanassov and he’s been amazing all along. I am so happy I started learning Wing Tsun!! It is powerful yet humble martial art and it can teach you not only self defense, but self discipline and control, and breathing right as well.

For one month I have already advanced and in one more month I can get tested for first level. It’s really a great way for one to discover his/her own potential. Here is the website guys for the center because the other one is not actually active is what we discovered

Vassi A., Mt. Prospect, IL
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