The origin of Wing Tsun has this beautiful country-folk tale many know about. True or not, it makes a great plot for movies – usually people challenging the practitioners of the style, pointing mockingly the legend of its female founder. Always ending a laughing stock themselves, they often miss the lesson of what just had happened to them. The Wing Tsun protagonist often kindly explains it. But both the hurting victim and the viewer can easily miss it. The “secret” lies in the deep levels of Wing Tsun and one must be eager do dive below the fast kicks and bunches to see it.

It is the internal nature of Wing Tsun. The one that follows the same principles as its cousins Tàijí Quán, Bāguà Zhǎng and Xíng Yì Quán – the importance of using internal energy, opponent’s force, all while relaxed and fully aware. Sensing and flowing with the streams of the combat.
As Wing Tsun practitioners we need to remind ourselves of these core principles. And even while learning to swim in the beginning shallow waters of punches, kicks, angles and direction, we should take a break. And a deep breath. Into the internal world of Wing Tsun.

What a better way to do it than organizing an Inner Wing Tsun workshop. And who better to lead it than Sifu Guerman. The Tai Chi principles he also teaches at his Tai Chi classes are the same as the ones we apply in Wing Tsun. In few short hours we managed to get a glimpse and put them to test. Guided by Sifu Guerman and with the support of his Tai Chi student Ken Ning we went over moving from the center, relaxation, two person practice and more. Do we get the right rooting? How about when we step? Do we feel the center of our opponent? His intent? Can we connect to the former and control the latter?

Some meditation and feeling of our Qi brought back for some the memories of GM Leung Ting reminding us in Hong Kong to practice Siu Nim Tao very slowly and with full awareness.

Before we knew it, the workshop was over. All we had to do is come back to the surface of our beings. And not forget another ancient Taoist must – enjoy a drink or two with your friends at the Bulgarian restaurant “Mehanata”

Evgeny Kolev

Wing Tsun student and long time Tai Chi practitioner

Wheeling, IL

May 2016