The price structure offered at WingTsun school is very flexible. We offer several different payment options: you can pay month-to-month, every three months, six months or for a full year at once. We even offer a pay-per-class option! Try out a class; we will give you a hardcopy of the tuition options. And there is no contract.

For your Introductory Program, wear clothing in which can move. No Gi or Karate uniform, no bare feet: white T-shirt, black track pants, and comfortable sneakers and you’re ready to start! Once you decide to join the group class, there is a uniform that consists of the official Wing Tsun t-shirt, pants and WT shoes.

Never! Great Grandmaster Yip Man was able to perform Wing Tsun well into his advanced years! Wheeling Wing Tsun students have wide age range begining from 15 years old.

We have small group classes that allow the instructor and his assistants to focus more on the individual needs of the student. With this much individual attention, most students have noticeable WT skills after 3-6 months. Of course, it is the individual’s hard work that will ultimately determine the skill and attainment.

The classes are fun and challenging! Instructors impart information in a friendly environment where the students engage in a wide variety of drills, exercises, and strength training routines.
WingTsun™ is easy to learn and works regardless of size, strength, or gender. In class, students engage in:
1.    Forms training – which teaches concentration, mental focus, and precision of body movement.
2.    Strength training – to build and improve your athletic abilities.
3.    Reflex training – used to improve hand-eye coordination and timing.
4.    Chi-Sau – a training exercise unique to Wing Tsun which uses tactile reflex development and muscle memory to “program” the limbs to react to contact with an opponent’s attack.
5.    Lat-Sau – free-fighting training, where the student learns to use the movements of the forms and chi-sau for actual fighting.
6.    Footwork and kicking drills – provide for mobility and agility in attacking and defending.
7.    Equipment training – heavy bags, focus mitts, kick shields, wall-bags, double-end bags, etc.

You won’t get kicked in the head or walk home with black eyes! Our training programs are performed with controlled force. We use safety equipment when necessary, and all beginning students are taught how to train intensively and safely with a partner.

Wing Tsun was originally developed by women, for women! Wing Tsun is geared for smaller or weaker individuals to enable themselves to defend against strong or aggressive attackers. In fact, women are often the ones who pick up Wing Tsun quicker.

Absolutely not! In fact, students with little or no previous martial arts experience tend to have fewer bad habits to break.

At Our Wing tsun School we specialize in self-defense. Our training program is designed to teach students what really works, while still maintaining a high level of safety. Wing Tsun places a strong emphasis on giving students solid responses to real-world attacks.

No you do not! Wing Tsun training is geared toward the individual. Everybody trains at his or her own level fitness, pushing just a little bit more every time. Most students notice an increase in fitness, joint flexibility, and general strength after just a few weeks. Wing Tsun trains one to apply targeted relaxation and tension to specific muscles groups. Not only does this reduce stress and hypertension, it allows for quicker reactions and improves overall muscle tone.  All movements are natural and can be performed by anyone without serious bodily impairments. No athletic abilities are required to learn this martial art. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in or how old you are.

Wing Tsun students defend themselves by using simple techniques as well as leverage and angles to turn attackers’ strengths against them. Wing Tsun is effective for everyone, regardless of size, strength or gender.
WingTsun™ is passive in defense and advocates attack only in response to an opponent’s attack. The underlying principles of the martial art are the same as its underlying philosophy. Wing Tsun seeks to provide balance.

Wing Tsun (pronounced “wing chun”) is a direct and effective martial art that was developed to enable smaller defenders to defeat larger and stronger attackers. Wing Tsun is practiced all over the world (in over 64 countries!) by civilians, members of police units, as well as military and special forces.