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Re-Wiring Your Brain Through WingTsun

In the late 1960s, Bruce Lee amazed people from all around the world with his “One Inch Punch”. How could an average-sized guy like him make someone go flying with a punch from just an inch away? The real answer is that the punch is not from an inch away; […]

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2017 Seminar with GGM Leung Ting

Seminar with GGM Leung Ting, October 20-22, 2017
It has always been unforgettable experience to learn from the source, from the founder of Wing Tsun system GGM Leung Ting. We had fantastic weekend participating in seminar he conducted at San Antonio Wing Tsun Academy hosted by Master Will Parker. Sifu Guerman Atanassov along with his students […]

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Sozopol Wing Tsun Summer Camp 2017

Sun, sea, gorgeous beaches and beautiful Sozopol, a pearl-town on the South Black sea coast alluring with its mix of the past and present, what could be the better place to held annual Wing Tsun Summer camp organized by EWTO-Bulgaria and conducted by Sifu Stanislav Bagalev; 5 Level Wing tsun and head instructor for Bulgaria. […]

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Successful Testing in March 2017

And this time we have a long list…!!!
Congratulations to everyone who successfully past the test for next level this month. Great job everyone, keep up with good work, consistency and dedications you have shown up to now.
Here are the “lucky” ones:
Constantine Madorsky – Promoted to 11 SG
Jim Accetta – Promoted to 11 SG
Evgeny Kolev – […]

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Seminar with Master Will Parker, June 11-12, 2016

The power of WingTsun is in its simplicity.  Short movements turn into effective fighting skills, but mastering them requires high-level precision at high speeds.  Precision refers to the positions of the hands and body in relation to the opponent.  Speed comes with much repetition of the correct movements.  Each movement is a piece of the […]

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“Inner” Wing Tsun / Tai Chi Workshop

The origin of Wing Tsun has this beautiful country-folk tale many know about. True or not, it makes a great plot for movies – usually people challenging the practitioners of the style, pointing mockingly the legend of its female founder. Always ending a laughing stock themselves, they often miss the lesson of what just had […]

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“Inner” Wing Tsun Workshop

Upcoming event!
On SUNDAY, MAY 22, 11:00am-2:00pm there will be special joint class (mini-seminar) for Wheeling and Des Plaines schools focused on idea and principals of “Inner” Wing Tsun, which is very close to what I practice and teach in Tai Chi.
The whole workshop will be dedicated on drills and exercises for developing of body-mind inner […]

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Congratulations to Si-Je Ana and Sifu Eric!

This month we had two big promotions!
First Ana Genkova successfully passed the exam for Primary Level Technician, becoming a Certified Instructor. She’s only the second woman to achieve this level at Wing Tsun Illinois.
Second, Eric Galicia passed the test for Second Level Technician, earning the title Sifu. He was tested by Master Mike Adams.
Congratulations […]

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2015 Seminar with GGM Leung Ting in Texas

In October of this year, Great Grandmaster Leung Ting visited the San Antonio WingTsunTM Academy in Texas where Sifu Guerman and his students Ana, Eric, and Phil represented WingTsun Illinois. GGM Leung Ting held a two-day open seminar preceded by a two-day instructor-only training. Instructors learned important teaching and demonstration skills in […]

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Special Offer – $99 for Two Months Training

We have new special offer.
Only $99 for two months of Training and a FREE uniform! Don’t miss this incredible deal.
Offer ends September 30th so hurry and go to our Facebook page to claim it:

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