Wing Tsun Illinois Martial Arts

We are part of the International WingTsun Association (IWTA) that is one of the largest private martial arts organizations in the world; over 2,000 schools in 60+ countries with more than 1,000,000 practitioners.

Our school teaches an intelligent combat system to our students that they can use in any self-defense situation in our modern society. We emphasize on the strength of softness so that a small person can defeat a big and strong opponent. This combat system is taught by our qualified instructors with specific methods proven over decades. Through our practice, we pave ways not only for a physical development, but also ways for our mind and spirits to grow by discussing philosophical ideas from Taoism and Buddhism embedded in our movements such as simplicity, yielding vs controlling, naturalness and peace. Our students naturally gain skills, self-confidence and learn how to deal with stress. We are very happy and proud to share positive experiences our students had and hope to share with more people.

Student levels

During the first four grades, students will learn how to kick, punch, step, turn, and defend themselves against the most common forms of attack (punches, kicks, holds, strangle holds).
Chi Sao (translated as “sticking hands”) is covered in detail during these student grades. Chi-sau is a reflex exercise which teaches the student how to use the opponent’s force against them with the least amount of effort.

In these advanced student levels, the practitioner is exposed to higher levels of chi-sau training and will work to develop advanced fighting skills.
Techniques to deal with multiple attackers, armed attackers and also soft defenses (safe, controlling techniques) are taught during this phase.

Build your skills

Regular classes for men, women and kids 90
Small groups for advanced students 95
Private lessons 85
Seminars and work-shops 75


Meet Our Instructors

<strong>Sifu Guerman Atanassov</strong>
Sifu Guerman Atanassov4th Level Technician, Certified Instructor

Sifu Guerman Atanassov is a long-time student of Sifu Mike Adams. Sifu Guerman began his WingTsun training in his home country of Bulgaria under his first sifu Stanislav Bagalev in 1997.

After he moved to Chicago in 2000 he joined IWTA-NAS and continue to practice and teach Wing Tsun at Wheeling Park District. His direct instructor for a long period of time was sifu Chris Mah who also had practiced and taught at Wheeling Wing Tsun School.

Over the years Sifu Guerman has attended many seminars with GGM Leung Ting, Sifu Will Parker and has many hours of private sessions with sifu Mike Adams and sifu Will Parker. Every year he visits his family in Bulgaria and uses opportunity to meet with sifu Stanislav Bagalev to practice and exchange experience.

Since 2005 he is Wing Tsun certified instructor and in 2008 he has received the title Sifu in Wing Tsun. Sifu Guerman began his journey in Martial Arts with Judo in 1984.

During the years he has also practiced Karate, Wu-Shu and Tai Chi. Along with Wing Tsun he is practicing and teaching Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan under Master Yang Jun 5th Generation Yang Family Style.



<strong>Ana Genkova</strong>
Ana GenkovaPrimary Level Technician Certified Instructor
While in college, Ana Genkova picked up Wing Tsun as a fun activity offered on campus. After graduating in 2009, she joined the school of Sifu Steve Chan and since August 2011 she is practicing under Sifu Guerman Atanassov and Sihing Eric Galicia.

Ana has attended many seminars with GGM Leung Ting and Sifu Mike Adams. Every time she visits her family in Bulgaria, she also uses the opportunity to practice Wing Tsun with Sifu Stanislav Bagalev.

In her six years of training, she has come to view Wing Tsun as vehicle of self-discovery and self-improvement in many domains of life. In October 2015 Ana was promoted to Primary Level Instructor in our school in Des Plaines, Illionis. In class she hopes that her students will experience Wing Tsun in all its versatility while having fun and meeting new people.