In October of this year, Great Grandmaster Leung Ting visited the San Antonio WingTsunTM Academy in Texas where Sifu Guerman and his students Ana, Eric, and Phil represented WingTsun Illinois. GGM Leung Ting held a two-day open seminar preceded by a two-day instructor-only training. Instructors learned important teaching and demonstration skills in addition to perfecting forms and techniques. In the finals two days, Si-Gung Leung Ting focused on teaching us how to practice on our own, emphasizing the daily Wing Tsun rituals that all students and instructors need in order to learn the basics. In addition to traditional techniques, we practiced anti-grappling drills to develop our softness and agility against stronger opponents. After the intense work, we enjoyed food and drinks at a Brazilian-style steakhouse with many of our Kung-Fu brothers and sisters from all around the U.S. We’re most grateful for the opportunity to train and party with our extended WingTsun family and look forward to the next seminar!